Moba Mugen V1.9 Apk Lite Free Download

 Moba Mugen V1.9 Apk Lite Free Download

Moba Mugen V1.9 Apk Lite Free Download for Android still includes the modified Naruto Senki game. However, there are still many who think that the Moba Mugen APK game is derived from Mod ML. We think that after opening the game, players will be able to judge for themselves if this game is not from Moontoon.

Okay, if we previously shared version 1.8 which is also a modification of Rudi GM, the Moba Mugen V1.9 that we share is also a modification of Rudi GM. With feature updates that are definitely interesting for you to play. What does the game look like? We have provided a screenshot above.

Okay, if you want to play immediately, you can continue into the description that we have outlined below.

Moba Mugen V1.9 Apk Download

About the game
  • Game Name: Moba Mugen V1.9 APK
  • Game Size: 70+MB
  • Password Extract: 
  • Credits by: ( All Credits In Folder / in Game) 
  • Update: 

  • New Character
  • New Skill
  • New Tiles
  • New Control Panel
  • New Menu
  • New Logo
  • New Tower
  • New Menu Music

What's New
  • New Skill
  • New Character
  • New Sound
  • New Map
  • New Menu
  • New Select
  • New Music
Update :
- You can install 2 Moba Mugen at once without deleting the previous Moba Mugen
- new chou skin stun
- new map
- new tesla tower
- Alucard audio in the Nattack section
- new Badang skill effect
- no errors

Download Link

Mediafire | [Alternative Download]ads | 70+ Mb

How to Install
Because not everyone likes to play on Android so not everyone can install it right away, so please look carefully so that you don't get the wrong step.
  • Download the Apk
  • Please extract first, be able to use ZArchiver or others if the file is not yet an APK.
  • Please install the apk earlier
  • Done
  • Please open and play

The final word
That was a new game that you can play. This game is only an option if you are a Naruto lover. But for those of you who just want to try, you can download it from the link above. Greetings again with other game updates that we will share in the future. Keep up with this blog and share Moba Mugen V1.9 by Rudi Gm Apk with all of your friends.

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