Naruto Senki V 1.20 Apk Download

Naruto Senki V 1.20 Apk Download

Download Naruto Senki Version 1.20 Apk Mod for Android, we will share it with you. There are many versions of this game series, but we will only share a few that are still widely played. For this opportunity we will share the original/official version, First 1, First/Debug 3, and the fixed version by Doni Alvaro.

Some of your friends may be looking for a download link for Naruto Senki version 1.20 with full character, but it's a shame because we haven't found it yet. Instead, you can try Naruto Senki mod apk full character with version 1.17 which we have shared.

Well, there's no need to write much more text because you guys definitely came here to look for games, not to read. Therefore, please continue to download the file below.

The fire will, the battle rekindled! Players return to the original wood leaf village, reviewing the growth of the ninja shackles journey. The game can be any game Naruto, SASUKE, I love romance and other ninjas, experience the warm NAOLAO battle even play and full screen esoteric big moves. In addition, players can also freely collect hot ninja, summon past beasts, experience PK ninja, together in battle to reignite the will of fire!

About the game:
  • Game Name: Naruto Senki (火影战记) 
  • Game Version: 1.20
  • Game Size:  40+ MB
  • Mod By :
  • Password : adadroid
  • (All Credits In Folder / in Game) 
  • App Code:
  • Updated: 2021-06-27
  • Category: Arcade & ACTION
  • Update : Naruto Senki Release World Mod

Requirements Android:
  • RAM 500MB up
  • OS 2.3 or higher
  • 4 inch screen
  • 1.0Ghz CPU

Download Naruto Senki 1.20 APK Official Zakume

The first version we share is the official version from which has been discontinued. Therefore this version is the original version. You will find the standard game without any modifications section.

New features:
  • Network
  • Kakashi new skills
  • New character: RIKUDO Naruto

Download Naruto Shippuden Senki v1.20 First Edition 1 Apk

The next game that we share is the latest update from the one above. You could say if the above is a Beta version, now the next one is a continuation of its manufacture. There are several improvements to make it a more perfect game. What are the new features? below for you to read.

What's New on 1.20:
  1. Carnival Mode flash back settlement
  2. The Additional security zone settings (both boundary map), will be forced into the 1000HP / sec punishment
  3. Additional swimsuit styles Xiangling A level above record card
  4. Top Score (Day / Week and Month)

Frequently Asked Question :
  • Log-In Crash : Zakume Says "Please Wait The New Version were working on it"
  • How To unlock Hinata Hyuuga ? : Please Make 1,000 Contribution (Priority)

  • 2 hurt in dental skills BUG

Updating Logs
  1. Server Notification:
  2. views back to the content :

Thanks to:

Download Naruto Senki V1.20 First 3 Apk

This version is still the official version and not a modification. There are some friends who are looking for the V1.20 First 3 Mod game probably because they want new things in the game. However, some of these modifications are not stable and even lag often occurs. Therefore you can try the original version to play.

Naruto Senki v1.20 Fixed Mod by Doni Alvaro

Oke sudah versi terahir yang kami share pada kesempatan ini. Untuk versi ini mungkin banyak yang mencari karena memang versi Mod Fixed. Game Naruto Senki v1.20 yang kami share ini merupakan versi Fixed by Doni Alvaro. [UPDATE] sayang sekali link menuju upfile sudah tidak bisa diakses. Jadi kami mohon maaf untuk link by Doni belum bisa kami berikan. Bagi yang ingin mencoba link, bisa dicoba dibawah ini.

  • *Support Gears/Items
  • *Support MonsterKill!!!
  • *Support HardCore Mode (Without Win 10 char. 3)
  • *Support Add Hp (+100)
  • * Map Battle there are 4 (Ori)
  • *New Char :- Kakuzu- Asuma- Hinata- Lee- Pain- Kisame- Tobi White Mask (by Dhanu)
  • *New Skills:-Naruto & SageNaruto-Sasuke & ImmortalSasuke-Tobi-Pain-Tsunade Hokage (by Haris)-Kakashi-Suigetsu

*Special Thx:
  1. - Ramdani joints
  2. - Ezra Alfa
  3. - Arya
  4. - Dhanu
  5. - Haris
  6. - Faisal Haris
  7. - Asr Prayoga
  8. - Dany Zhorenk's grandson
  9. - Etc

  1. Char Lee can already be unlocked, but must win 25 char (Free)
  2. Azuma & Hinata must be online if you want to unlock
  3. Pain
  4. Hardcore Mode can't choose Friend, must Win 10 times

How to Install
Because not everyone likes to play on Android so not everyone can install it right away, so please look carefully so that you don't get the wrong step.
  • Download the Apk
  • Please extract first, be able to use ZArchiver or others if the file is not yet an APK.
  • Please install the apk earlier
  • Done
  • Please open and play

Allow Access Phone
X: Internet Allows to access the internet network.
Y: Read phone status Allows read only access to phone status.

X: Access network state It is possible to access information about the network.
Y: Access wi-fi state Allows to access information about Wi-Fi network.

X: Write to external storage It is possible to write to external storage such as an SD card.
Y: System alert window It is possible to open a window using the system alert, which is displayed on top of all other applications.

X: Get task Allows to get information about currently or recently running tasks.
Y: android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS App customer permission.

X: Install shortcuts It is possible to install shortcuts in Launcher.
Y: Read external storage Allows to read from external storage such as SD card.

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