Download Game PSP: Dragon Ball Super MOD PPSSPP Latest Character

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Download Game PSP Dragon Ball Super MOD PPSSPP Latest Character.
Are there still many fans of Dragonball movies? The last story of the Dragonball film on the TV station is that currently Son Goku and his friends have defeated Jiren in the universe power tournament, so that the losing universe is not destroyed. This time you can play the game. One of them is the PPSSPP version. This diversion already has the characters jiren, goku blue, gohan blue, kefla and others. Immediately you get the game for free from this blog.

There are several versions of the game that you can choose to play. Below we will share some of the newest dragon ball game collections on the PPSSPP device that you can play on Android.

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Update characters from DBZ super mod:
-Goku(Base, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSG, SSB, SSB Kaioken 10X)
-Gohan FNF(Base, SSJ)
-Vegeta(Base, SSJ, SSJ2, SSB)
-Cabba(Base, SSJ, SSJ2)
-Kid Trunks (Base, SSJ)
-Frieza(Full, Golden)
-Time Breaker Bardock
-Supreme Kai
-SSJ4 Gogeta

Dragonball Super Heroes Edition PSP PPSSPP

The original game is actually not the latest update in the character section, in this post the admin will share the dragonball super ppsspp game whose characters have been modified until the latest update. You can choose to use a new character that is currently being played a lot. Don't miss the latest updates, friends, here is the link for you.

Dragonball Super Heroes Edition PSP PPSSPP
CSO [Mediafire]
Save Data [Googledrive]

DragonBall Super Shin Budokai Battlegrounds V2

For this version we don't understand the game because we haven't tried playing it yet. Please if you want to try, the link is a bit difficult to get, because we haven't re-uploaded it. Be careful with the many advertisements that appear, we apologize.

Game Info:
Game Title: Shin Budokai 2 Memorias V3
Publisher: MODS Z
Genre: Fighting
Image Format: ISO
File Size: 494 MB

Dragon Ball Super Shin Budokai Battlegrounds V2

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 by Soulkira

The first one we provide is Shin Budokai 6, which is almost similar to the storyline of the film that is currently running. You can see Son Goku turning into ultra instinct and able to defeat enemies from other worlds. This game is very fun to play, because it has awesome gameplay for some people.

Please below for more info

  • High-speed wireless multi-player battle featuring the strongest warriors in the universe
  • 18 playable characters, including price fighter Pikkon
  • Improved version of the recognized Saiyan Overdrive battle system
  • Transform in-game to a stronger form
  • New stage based on Fusion Reborn
  • Seven game modes, including an interesting story mode: Dragon Road

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 by Soulkira

Video Preview

How to Install DragonBall Super

1. Download the iSO and Savedata files above

2. Extract files one by one the results of the download earlier

3. Move iSO extract results to Internal storage: PSP / Game ...

4. Move savedata extract results to Internal storage: PSP / savedata ...

5. Please, friend, open the PPSSPP emulator application, look for the folder: PSP / Game ...

How to work Mod?
Uncheck Fast memory (unstable)

How to use Save Data?
Download Save Data and Extract with Zarchiver Pro then move (ULUS ...... ) folder in SD Card/PSP/Save Data folder.
Play the game and load Save Data.

I enjoy every bit of this game even though it is not an official version of the game. I love this game because there are no ads, redirects, and the quality is amazing.

Actually there are many versions of this exciting game, but for the time being we are sharing the versions above first. Later, maybe we will update another if there are still many who want to play.

Please you can comment or send a message if there are problems when installing or want to request other exciting games. Keep Support Our BlogSites Any Problem Comment Down Below I Will Help You.

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