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Download Dream League Soccer 2020 MOD APK - Soccer is one of the most entertaining sports that is loved by people from almost all over the world. This is based on a survey that results from one in ten people from all over the world like football.

Game developers such as EA Sports, Konami, First Touch LTD, Dream League Soccer series developers then took this opportunity to create games that mimic soccer activities in real mobile smartphone games primarily on Android.

Dream League Soccer 2020 is the latest game update this year from before with a very good modification, full player transfer, new user interface, also comes with an unlimited amount of money for free use (mod version).

Fans of Android prefer to call this game DLS 2020 Apk. So that it becomes one of the most addictive online soccer games for soccer gamers.

Latest Mod : DLS 2020 Mod APK DATA OBB Download

About Dream League Soccer Apk

The total size of the Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod game is not too big even just around 300MB, making it able to run smoothly on various brands of Android phones without lagging or Force Close during play.

Unlimited money available to use when installing the DLS 2020 Mod Apk can be used to increase the home base stadium by increasing its capacity when managing teams and also adding other features.

Also use unlimited money to buy players like Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Kante, Lukaku as the best performing players in Dream League Soccer.

Players can be transferred from one club to another using the transfer market or window to shop for good players in Dream League Soccer 2020.

The comment system in the Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod game is also quite loud and clear with the names of players spoken perfectly, which makes this game so interesting to play for a long time.

Dream League Soccer Gameplays

Become a coach and a player in the best team to become a world class team and win various tournaments in various seasons. Form a dream team that is able to advance to the world class round defeating all the soccer teams in the game.

Beginning users need to train the team to be ready to face enemies from all corners of the world. After that make the right strategy in defending the ball and lead to the opponent's goal.

Users and teams must be able to score the highest score compared to the opponent's score. The higher the score obtained, the greater the chance to win the match, and even get a chance to get game rewards.

Update games: Download Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod Apk Obb Data June Update

Description DLS 2020 Mod Liga 1

Users can play Dream League Soccer 2020 game offline as well as online, to play offline users have to download the obb file and to play online user must have an internet connection, it will work even with a 3G connection, once you play 4 offline games then you will be able to play online with available clubs.

If the game is not installed, you might be wrong in the steps to install the Data and Obb game, please read carefully how to do it and repeat from the start, and if it still fails it's possible that the game version does not match your Android device , please look for another version in this blog. Please share this blog with your friends so that this blog continues to update the latest games for you.

If you are interested in this game, you can download below. Or Wanna Try Different Mode you can try Other Dream League Soccer Games Or Many More. Please tell this blog to your friend. through Any Media. Thank you for visiting.

    • Name of the Games : DLS 2020 Mod Liga 1 Indonesia
    • Supported for Android : 4.0 Up
    • Version of the Games : -
    • Update : Season 2020
    • Mode : Offline 
    • File Size: 350 Mb
    • Update: January 07, 2020
    • Thank you: Smile Zone
    • More Info : Google Play

    Download DLS 2020 Mod Liga 1 Indonesia Spesial Shopee

    DLS 2020 Mod Liga 1 Indonesia - I share again a DLS 2020 game with the latest Mod Liga 1 Indonesia modification by Smilezone. For transfer updates, kits, and more. You can just download then install and play this complete game.

    Interface of the game is very simple and users friendly, on the left side there is option to handle the motion of players, and on the right side there are three options to kick the ball, so each of them have different properties, like taping one will hit the ball very fast and very high in the air, and likewise rest of the two have some properties.

    APK | Data | Obb

    How To Install DLS 2020 Mod Liga 1 Indonesia

    *Game Requirements *
    – Android: v5.0 and above; which includes Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.
    – 1GB RAM (at least for seamless gaming experience
    – At least free 500MB free space on your mobile device and you are all set.

    How To Install

    1. Download File A Single Zip File Of Dream League Soccer 2020
    2. Download Zarchiver For Zip File Extractor -
    3. Extract The Zip File
    4. You Will Get Three More Folder Apk Data And Obb
    5. Move the existing folder in the obb foder to Intenal/Android/Obb/...
    6. Move the existing folder in the data foder Internal/Android/data
    7. Now At Last Install The Apk.
    8. Enjoy the Games

    Important features of Dream League Soccer

    New Players
    New players have been added to DLS 2020, with new faces, gamers can choose from any available new players who have good ratings.

    New Stadiums
    Stadiums with better capacity and equipment that can be customized have also been added.

    Play online
    In addition to playing with computers, gamers can also play with other people from all over the world directly, who gets the most goals scored then he is the winner.

    Full Licensed Players
    All popular players from major leagues around the world have been licensed to appear in Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod with real faces.

    3D graphics
    This Dream League Soccer game provides very real graphic features. Where this game provides 3D features that are very amazing. Users will be brought to feel a game that is very real.

    Season Target
    This Dream League Soccer game also has a target game that users must complete. Like a target reaching a certain score or reaching a certain number of goals. The user must succeed in completing all the specified targets.

    Game Tutorial
    For beginners do not need to worry because they can not play this game because the Dream League Soccer game is equipped with video tutorial features to play this Dream League Soccer game.

    Sync with Google
    This one feature will make it easier for users to play this original soccer game. Where with synchronization the user does not need to log in with a user who is quite complicated in the process.

    Easy Basic Control
    Dream League Soccer game is equipped with basic controls that are very easy. That will make it easier for all users not only those who are already professional, but even novice users will be easy to operate this one game.

    Licensed Club
    In the game Dream League mod apk users are not served with careless football teams. However, in this game users will be presented with a licensed soccer club. Even the club that was presented was a soccer club from all corners of the world.

    Build the Dream Team
    By downloading Dream League Soccer 2020 mod and playing it users can build their own team of players as you wish. Choose the best players in the whole world to join this match.

    Various Attraction Games
    By downloading Dream League Soccer 2020 and playing it users can not only kick it. In this game the user can also perform a variety of game attractions.

    Build the Dream Stadium
    Users will also be given the opportunity to build a dream stadium when playing this mod Dream League Soccer game. users can create a very grand stadium and also add the best facilities.

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